Why you should chose Mac Income Tax?

When you call our office in Los Angeles City, you will be communicated with one of our helpful, experienced, and kind staff members. This is MAC Income Tax.

Our tax professionals help you get all the benefits you deserve when it is time to do taxes. We have over 25 offices for help in Spanish or English. We have prepared taxes since 1989 and have seen everything. Income Tax MAC can be confident that your taxes will be prepared the right way. Let us help you today we are open all year to help with your taxes.

Daniel Garcia

Daniel is the President and CEO of MAC Income Tax. Mr. Garcia was intrigued into the accounting field since 1987 and has since then been fully passionate about his work. In addition, he is a real estate and mortgage broker. He has more than 20 years of experience in the accounting field and income tax preparation. Thus, he is trusted and relied upon by his clients to serve their every need.

daniel gracia
marvin garcia

Marvin Garcia

Marvin is the General Manager of MAC Income Tax. He has been working alongside Mr. Garcia for the past eight years. Marvin is a fully certified income tax preparer with C.T.E.C. He has astonishingly worked his way up to this position and truly deserves it. This is showed upon his loyal clients.